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Cultural elite in Russia is as well hypocritical as the Political establishment. Gorbachov was wrong, either was Yeltsin. Putin is right. For a now. Will he still be after becoming "EX"?

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Well the President election compain in Russia comes to the prime phase. 

All the toy candidates are in their positions. Bets are made. Here are no bets placed anymore. Navalniy is off the stage. The only person able to compete with Putin has succecfully been stigmatized. Of course we all know that Putin has always been possitioned like the national leader. And to be recognized that way each person demands some famous selebreties to be supported by.
Today we goona talk about one of the adherent of Putin known among the figures of culture and cinema in Europe and the USA. Let us talk about Nikita Mikhalkov. 
A couple words if you dont get who he is.

Russian filmmakeractor, and head of the Russian Cinematographers’ Union.
Wellknown outher of the «Burnt by the Sun«. Winner of the Academy Award (1995) in the category «Best Foreign Language Film» and the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival (1994) for that film.
The main plot of the movie is to show how the Stalins regime break the people’s life despite their status and contribution into the winning of the revolution and civil war of 20s in Russia.
The movie shows the rotten nature of the NKVD (the befor KGB organization). Well, the story was made at the prime period of leberisation in the post Soveit Russia. It was the period of Yeltsin presidence.
Nowadays Nikita Mikhalkov keeps the line of not convicting the Stalins crimes. Moreover he is precisely the one who claims the conviction of Yeltsin each time he has such opportunity. This is happening duaring the excursion to the Yeltsin Center recently opened by entusiasts. The total critic of the Boris Yeltsin period and his personal deeds flows from the Mikhalcov mouth over and over again. Mikhalkov blames ex-President in the selling of national interests of Russia, blames in the illegal transfer of the Crimea to Ukraine state duaring the famous deal in Belovezhskaya puscha agreements of 1991. It is an obligatory tradition for the sticklers of Putin regime to shit a personality of the ex-President. They all are saying about corruption and clearance sale of the natural resources of Russia at the period of Yeltsin.
Can someone forbid to those who rule to shit those who ruled before?
Now Mikhalkov stands up for all the begginings of Putin. He supports Putin totaly.

Be it the Munich speech, the ceasing of the regions governors election, the war against Geogria, the war against Ukraine or whatever, Mikhalkov will second any decission. Of couse he is not a member of government but he is an influent person and uses his famous for the Putins supply.

There would be nothing in particular unless some facts which make the story quite strange. Mikhalkov behaved the same way with Yeltsin when he was the President as he did with Putin now.

At the president election campaign of 1996 the leader of Communist Party of Russian Federation Mr Zyuganov has almost won Yeltsin. It was the second term for Yeltsin and everyone had already known his pluses and minuses. But Mikhalkov supported Yeltsin in that hard political struggle. At the support congress of Yeltsin in 1996 Mikhalkov uses all his eloquence in order to support Yeltsin.
Didnt he know about the course of Zyuganov and Communist party of nationalization of natural resources? He certainly did. Didn’t he know about the politic of total Privatization of Yeltsin?…
«When the caravane turns and starts going back, the lame camel becomes a leader», — said Mikhalkov for Boris Yeltsin support.

Why did not he support Zuganov?
Why does he impeach the Gorbachev’s achivements being so friendly towards him in the publicity?
Nikita Mikhalkov, his well-known father (at the middle) and ex President of the Soviet Union Mr. Gorbachev
Well, we consider that the proper answer is hided in the principal Mikhalkov’s family tradition «Being one of the lads». Aspecialy it concerns «lads» with the real political power at the moment .
Mikhalkov can easily blame the previos leaders but he will be loyal as a dog regarding to the present one.

And there is nothing personal in such position.  Just a busines, a family tradition, just the way of keeping on the top and actualy the way of surviving. The father — Sergey Mikhalkov tought son Nikita to «love the governance».
It was permenent ability for soviet writers of the Stalin period. And being one of tham Sergey Mikhalkov brought up the duplicity in his son.
The repercussion of the terrible Soviet period will press the society for a long time.



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