Самые свежие и актуальные новости отовсюду!


Somewhere in England, russian specialists poisoned a runaway secret service agent... And somewhere in the villages of Russia, two mechanic tractor drivers celebtreted event with 2 liters of vodka.


No one knows exactly when and why it all started. Someone might say that everything in psychology of the russian society shifted during the Stalin mass executions, or becouse of  the Lenin’s «red terror», or even earlier — during the wild adventurous wars of Nicholas II «bloody» when he was had a littleknown war against China and russian elite class was seriously discussing plansof forming the new Russians — «Yellowrussians». In addition to the «Byelorussians» (originatly Byelorus people),  «Great Russians» (originatly Russians) and  «Littlerussians» (originatly Ukrainian people, or the Kiev Russ people).

What if everything fell off the reels during the war with Napoleon? When all the main battles were lost, when Smolensk and Borodino were left in dishonourable way. When Moscow was burned by the chiefs officers. When over 25 of thousends of woonded russians were abandoned and died in that owfull fire.

Maybe the elite went bonkers due to the psychological traumas of the boyars, whoos beards were totaly  shaved with axes in accondence to the order of Tsar — Perth I.

It is impossible to ascertain for sure when this shift occurred in the paradigm of thinking of the «Russian people».

Shift to the superiority of the all-absorbing  subconscious inner longing «to conquer conquer and dominate.»

Well, like they say shit happens.  And shit-shift as well. North Korea shows the preferences of such a shifts.

With all likelyhood in general there was nothing super special in the way of the formation of the Russian mentality . From the pespective of histiry the Anglo-Saxon world also was being built on imperial domination for many centuries. At the end of the 17th century, the theme of British domination finally decided to cross the ocean and settle in the «new England».

Since then, the United States has been waging wars all over the world. At first, the natives the Indian tribes were almost destroyed. Then Mexico, Spain, France were prompt to moved off … and it seemed as though even England itself. Moreover, black slaves were destroyed in thousands, and the civil war of the North and the South can be called an apotheosis. There, guys of all ages, as well as in Imperial and revolutionary Russia, did not hesitate to bring down each other by thousands. They had an idea. Just like the Russian communists did.

Russians successfully occupied and integrated the whole of Siberia and the Far East. All sorts of different small nations and ethnic groups were successfully absorbed and integrated into the emerging statehood: Buryats and Yakuts with Chukchi, and Tatars and even the proud mountaineers were, albeit violently, but nevertheless successfully built in the «Petersburg-Moscow Principality».

Another picture on the wall

The test question of the topic: so why today, when from Russia they are trying to escape, the US is the one the long to get in? Why do Mexicans climb through sewer pipes to get to the border and somehow to link into the land of Texas?

Today, for certain thing the United States are remaing the «promised land» for hundreds of thousands of people who wish to enter the United States and take root there. Alas, Russia has not got nearly close to the category of countries in which people dream of living, in which they dream to get. Quite the contrary.
How and why the empires like France, Germany, Britain, and then the States of America were able to organize their statehood in such a way that it would preserve their greatness withous forciting integration of other cultures and peoples, that’s the question.

Yes, there is an Irish question in Britain. But, for good, if South Ireland really wanted, then it would have splited from England long ago and would have already joined Northern Ireland. It’s just that the population does not want it. But why? Maybe because the British system of financial security, social security and the system of human rights guarantee are so clearly qualitative that people are simply not ready to lose these components of life.

The issues of immigrants, the dominance of refuges — are emmergent issues for developed countries. Undoubtedly. But, this does not cancel the initial question: how did the Western countries manage to do so that people would like to live there, and in Russia they could not achieve it?
The fact is that Russia has never even tried. People in Russia were and still are the background for the protrusion and the self-affirmation of the elites. It turns out something like a relationship «A dominator (controller) — a victim.»

In the world such patterns of marital relations are quite common. But, as a model of the social system, as a paradigm of socio-cultural development, it is simply bullshit.

A state for a person or ..? In Russia, I am convinced, everything is twisted in such a way that it does not fall under the first not under the second option. In Russia, people are not for the state and certainly not the other way around. In Russia, a person is for paying off the complexes of another, a superior person. And the state is only a matrix in which there are niches and a ladder of social growth. And the higher the person, the more opportunities for it to «pay off» his internal fears and complexes at the expense of, of course, those who are at the bottom step.

Let’s be frank! It’s not about tangible assets. It’s not about dollars, offshores, expensive wheelbarrows, cottages and yashts, no. It’s just a form, it’s just a facade and an covercoat. But under the covercoat there is exactly what glues the entire Russian society or major it part, — the need to dominate in order to extinguish all its complexesof being under pressure of dominaition.

Conflict is hidden deep in the soul

After a long centuries of abusion by their elite, russians need to abuse someone else.

And when in the prime time the First Russian TV channel is broadcasting how somewhere in Syria Russian Air Forces bombing and killing — that is the PRIME TIME OF DOMINATION OF ALL RUSSIANS! And everyone from the pure teacher to despareted lossers takes their spirit up and reaches the heights top of human self-perception.
«Go forward, Russia!» Any average russian takes the confrontation between Putin and the West as a challenge to the sense and the very fact of his own existence. In other words, to kill a runaway intelligance specialist in Britain was an act of barbarism and dectructiveness for the comon citizen of Holland or Norway. But for a common citizen of Russia that was the act of creation.
Whose vision is more correct? That is a quit rhetorical question .))

For the residents of Russia this is not a matter of correctness or incorrectness! And this is the thing witch can not be understood in the West. Support for Putin’s confrontation with the West by the russian society is a not a matter of logic or fruitfullty. This is the matter of existance! And when it comes to existentiality, moral issues do not cling.
Thanks to conflicts, russian society can show that it also exists, that the inhabitants of Perm and Saratov exist and that if no one abroad reads the russian press, buys russian cars, does not fly to Pskov or Obkhazia to spend holidays near the sea, … does not order russian soup from cabbages at the restaurants, and feelsno inpiration for coming and living in Penza, nevertheless all of them will have to be reckon the with all the inhabitants of these dull places. Just by the necessaty of watch at the news about the bombings. They will be compeled to set the meetings of the Assembly of Security for the discussing the problems that the russians are pruducing again and again!

Wars and murders — this is not a question of morals for Russians, it is a matter of existence

Specialists in human behavior in FSB have long studied the russian society. And now they just pull for the right threads and exacerbate phobias and complexes. And of course they get 70 percent support. These 70 percentage of support is the 70 percent of painful reflection, the reaction of a sick organism to irritations. This is 70 percent of the cry of despair in a void with a single goal «Notice us! We exist! We are alive! We are people and we want the whole world and the cosmos recogniz our existence and look at us!»

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