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All the fuc..ing empires were based on opression…

All of them hustled people to obedience. All of them consumpted natural resources of the colonies.

Exploitation of the resources, labor, the national products and generaly the whole resourses which could be found and taken lead to extreem enriching of the empires cerners and settlements.

The premium example of empire was the British one.

From the little islands drawn aside the Europe with a little capibility to conqure at the land britans managed to establish almost the total domination net through all the water across the Earth.

The trade as the basis of economical life was the cornerstone of the world ocean’s embracement.

Insuarance and law system development came along with the world’s over goods revolving by means of float

Of course that domination could not be supported without cruel suppresion of locals in colonies, whoes land served as a well for empire.

The richer British Royal family became the more investments it provided into the NAVY and army.

With time passing British NAVY appeared to posses the largest ships with mighty cannons aboard.

Similar way went on Spain, French or German empires. Exploitation of the sources outside the fatherland- at colonies. Enhancing of the Royal influence and Royal army.

We have to underline some key principles of the european classical empires models

Some of them mainly occupied extraterritorial lands. This way fallowed Britain, France, Spain. They intervented Africa, Asia, Australia, America. And some tried to bound nearest territories up to the centre and to integrate locals of the occupied teritories into the central empire construction.

Austro-Hungerian, Osman and Russian empires provided politics of total occupation of all the teritories in all directions, where locals had not evoluted up to the their own empire.

The only features of the locals, which served as the orientations for the directions of the Empire extention were the similarity of religion, race and culture of the locals and title nation

Even if one of the markpoint fitted, nothing could prevente ethnos or nation from oppression and occupation.

But there was the one empire that abandoned any orientations on it way of conquaring new territiries. It was Russian Empire.

Without any wavering all nations of Caucasus, Bashkiria, Tataria as well as Poland and Ukrain people — RE were proclaimed to be russians.

The World War I was the final stage of all European empires. After the accomulation of power, great countries crushed against each other and when the smoke of battles withdrawn there was no more ability to keep all who had been oppressed to obey. That how a big deal of modern countries appeared. .

And only Russian Empire was fortunate to ressurect in the new frame and to arise up to the mightyness higher then it had been before deep and devastating falling due to Revolution.

And later with time passes it also failed. And proved the truth that noone can keep sdeady balance inside the oppressed society by means of power forever.

The major of the west Europen countries after the WW II understood that getting necessery resources from ex colonies does not inevitably imply oppression.

The XX centure brought to the industrialization and arising of the total consumption level.  The key of power now layed in energy sources — hydrocarbons.

Second part of century turned to be a period of the «oil intervention».

It demanded progress in the technology suppliement. And without any delay, main players of the world policy started to develope science and machinerity industry production. They had to master the proces of petrolium producing.

Which characteristics does any empire have?

Exploitation of the mineral resources and cheap labor of the coloniels inhabitanses.

Well let us see the reality

Both resources of Africa and Arabia are ceaselely consumed by Britain and mainly USA, France and Germany.

Of course they pay for minerals. But what is the price? It any case those countries except couple, still are just a donors and got a little GDR and almost no annual surplus.

And in the same time unemployment assistance in the West Europe garanties quite comfortable life level for patrials.

So, what is it all about, one might have asked.

This is all about being smart and having flexability, which existance allowed some countries to transforme in order to stay on top. And about the lack of mentioned features, which coused the destitution of population in another countries.

Eventually first ones are the promissed lands for the majority, meanwhile the another  ones makes people to live standing and bearing reality.

The exrtralarge of Russia and all the cultural deffereces inside its territory will never let it to obtain sharpness and flexibility, so important for modern civilization paradygme.

And what is worse, there is no integrative philosophy inside the country except the philosophy of dominating and occupation.

It was just a means for others what has become a sense for Russian society.

While Spain, Germany and Britain amassed wealth and skyroketed the social culture and life level, in order to build stable intergrated seed of state, — the middle class, USSR constructed the fortress, firstly to conqure neighbours and later — just to force stability in that what naturaly was splitting off.

It started much earlier. Since the very beginning of the state. And has never ended since.

So, there is nothing strange in the things happening in Russia. Some are totaly oppressed but keep dreaming of splitting off, others are totaly oppressed and keep hating everybody who had luckkily escaped.

It is funny business, but the majority of locals in Russia hate Georgians and Ukrainians for the fact that they escaped from the perplexible authoritarian regime which they themself still have to live in.

Such a pervertion of Russian society is the precisely thing which still is not percepted by West analitics as a factor to be comprehanded and considered.

Instead of accomulating efforts to break through and forsetale changes inside their country, russians of the lowest social strata are longing to conquare world and to decrease level of others to their own.

The empire has to die.

It realy occures that classical empires based only on oppression inevitably die


To be continued.





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